we thank the municipal utilities of the city of krefeld for letting us use the historic north station, including the steam train "Schluff".

the "crefeld-county-kempener industrial-train-company" was founded 1868. public transportation has been terminated already in 1951. the transportation of cargo followed in 1985. as of 1979 the train is used for excursion trips and starting 1980 powered by the steam engine  "Graf Bismark XV".

1995 the "Schluff" was enlisted as "mobile public monument".


Claudia Dalchow

Sarah Dickel

Kevin Duda

Silke Nolte

Sonja Nolte

Leonie Schmidt

Ritchie Pogorzelski

Make up & Hair

Angi Delrey (Lead)

Harry Epp

Wardrobe & Attire

Elisabeth Nolte


Dominique Rosenthal

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